call-duty_-wwii-for-sony-ps4PSX-Sense:  “Audio design is brilliant.”

XBOX Achievements:  “A cinematic orchestral score, excellent performances from a game cast and superb sound design throughout. It sounds great.”

PUSH:  “We can definitely say this is one of the best-looking and sounding titles yet in the series with impeccable sound effects, motion capture (even in-game), and a gorgeous, gritty presentation with its environments.”

Gameplanet:  “Sound design is fantastic.”

the guardian:  “Getting the feel right is no small achievement for a shooter, and CoD: WWII does that, and then some. This is a precision game, its high notes accentuated by incredible sound design: the “shoonk” as you land a headshot is satisfying at an unfathomably subterranean level.”

InsideGamer:  “Great sound.”

Gameblog:  “The sound design is simply sumptuous.  A sound-design without fault”